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I Can Load a Data Warehouse 700x Faster Than You



Not only does our data analyst, Achara McNair-Tarfa, claim to upsert 700x faster, but she also claims that she can load a data warehouse 700x faster. Sounds great, right? How can she do this? In this demo by Manuel Quintana, Sr. Product Engineer, he shows how using Task Factory components, Dimension Merge and Fact Table, will allow you to load a data warehouse as fast as Achara.

Simply put, Task Factory will help you to design and perform better. In this demo within Visual Studio, Manuel shows how this is all about memory optimization and being able to update and insert at the same time. All the standard features that you’re used to can be easily done with a drop down to define your columns.  You’ll also notice in Dimension Merge that you’ll have auditorial elements, like time stamps, to capture or update.

Over the years since we introduced Task Factory, we have finely tuned this feature for memory optimization so hundreds of millions of records can be processed. You also have more outputs available than with native SSIS, which can help you catch different metrics without using additional logic to get it. And none of these added features will impact performance.

So, how about the fact table? Here’s where we talk about design benefits. In a traditional design, a source passes through many different lookups and derived columns for failed lookups. Our Fact Table component allows you to do all this in one, easy-to-use interface. You’re a click away from making changes to all those elements. Additionally, you can do inserts and updates at the same time.

At Pragmatic Works, our goal is to develop Task Factory and its components to make SSIS easier and for you to design better. These are just a few of the over 60 components that make Task Factory the software you need to increase productivity and improve performance. Even better, Task Factory is forever free in Visual Studio. Visit our website or click below to learn how you can do data chores 700x faster!  

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