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Intro to OneNote: Creation, Sections, and Pages

Intro to OneNote: Creation, Sections, and Pages


If you're new to OneNote or just looking to enhance your skills, join Matt Peterson, senior trainer at Pragmatic Works, in this series where he demystifies Microsoft's OneNote program. Matt kicks off the series by delving into the fundamental aspects of OneNote.

Creating Your OneNote Notebook:

  • Matt emphasizes the simplicity and versatility of OneNote, suitable for a range of tasks from text input to multimedia integration.
  • Highlighting the program's cloud-saving feature, he underscores the convenience of accessing your work across devices.

Creating a Notebook:

1. Matt guides viewers through the process of creating a new notebook.
2. Demonstrating, he quickly names the notebook "YouTube series notebook."
3. Matt explains the ease of sharing notebooks with other users for collaborative efforts.

Navigating Your OneNote Workspace:

  • Matt takes a moment to tour the navigation interface, showcasing search functionality, tags, and recent notes for efficient organization.

Deleting and Renaming Sections:

1. Matt demonstrates the straightforward process of deleting or renaming sections with a right-click.
2. He introduces the concept of a miscellaneous section, showcasing how to customize your notebook for personal preferences.

Section Grouping:

  • Matt uncovers a hidden gem – section grouping – allowing users to organize information more granularly.

Adding Section Groupings:

1. Matt shows how to add a section grouping, using the example of tracking training sessions at Pragmatic Works.
2. Within the "Training" section group, he creates subsections like "Power Platform," "Power BI," and "Azure."

Customizing Section Colors:

  • Matt adds a personal touch by assigning distinct colors to each section, enhancing visual organization.

Organizing Pages:

  • Matt shares tips on creating structured pages, subpages, and reordering content.

Creating Pages and Subpages:

1. Matt demonstrates adding pages and renaming them.
2. Exploring the Power BI section, he structures subpages for a Power BI boot camp, creating a hierarchy for easy navigation.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality:

  • Matt emphasizes the flexibility of rearranging content using drag-and-drop, ensuring a seamless organizational experience.


Matt concludes the introductory episode, providing a snapshot of the essential OneNote functionalities covered:

  • Creating notebooks with ease
  • Navigating through sections and section groups
  • Customizing colors for visual appeal
  • Crafting organized pages and subpages

What's Next?

Matt teases upcoming episodes where he will delve into advanced functionalities, promising an exciting journey into the diverse capabilities of Microsoft's OneNote. Stay tuned to the Pragmatic Works YouTube channel for more insights and hands-on guidance in future episodes. If you're new to OneNote or looking to up your game, Matt's series promises to be your go-to resource. Don't miss out – sign up for the Pragmatic Works' on-demand learning platform to gain access to more courses covering OneNote, as well as other Microsoft applications, such as Power Automate. 

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