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Join Us at SQLSaturday Nashville

Join Us at SQLSaturday Nashville


We are so excited that SQLSaturday Nashville is this weekend! The event will be held Jan 17, 2015 at Lipscomb University; One University Park Drive, Nashville, TN 37204. SQLSaturday Nashville brings together SQL Server professional and those wanting to learn about SQL server togther.

Six of Pragmatic Works' consultants will be presenting on Saturday. Below is a list of their sessions and you can can receive more information about each one by clicking on the title.

Robert Cain- So you think MDX is hard?

A lot of people have this perception that MDX is difficult. It really isn't, when you understand what it is trying to accomplish under the hood. In this session we'll begin with a fundamental understanding of what MDX will do for you. Then we'll roll up our sleeves and dive into MDX code, starting from the simplest select statement and winding up building calculations you can put into your own SSAS Cubes.  


Gareth Swanepoel- A practical Guide to Windows Azure SQL Database for the DBA

Join me in exploring the cloud where I will show you how SQL Server works in the Windows Azure SQL Database world. We will run through the simple process of configuring a Windows Azure SQL database. We will investigate the similarities and differences between on premises SQL Server and Windows Azure SQL Databases. We will even look into the DR, HA, monitoring and performance tuning options available with Windows Azure.


Michael Reed- Data Mining with Excel 2013

In this session I will introduce the data mining capabilities of Excel. We will talk about scenarios for the use of the tools and how to interpret the results. We will cover data preparation with respect to the mining models. We will also discuss the very important issue of "margin of error" and the dangers of misinterpreting and/or misapplication of the tools and results. Attendees can expect to leave with a clear understanding of the available data mining tools along with how and when to use them.


Wendy Pastrick:

Women of Tech Talk Trends, Passions & Goals

Nashville is the second fastest growing market for the tech industry! Join our panel as they tackle questions related to increasing diversity in the IT industry and how to retain the limited diversity already there. How do we keep strong in the industry overall and continue to encourage our youth toward careers in IT? Time permitting, we will also be taking questions from the audience. You will hear from SQL and local WIT heroes Hope Foley, Eliza, Britni Larchinese and Naomi Williams.

SQL Server in Azure

Walk through on creating SQL Server solutions in the cloud! Learn about the options for data storage in Azure, plus how to (very easily) configure and deploy a SQL Server. We will go over pricing, storage options, security and other details on using either Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) or Database as a Service with Microsoft cloud solutions.


Josh Luedeman- Get Up & Go: Big Data Automation Using HDInsight

In this session, we’ll go over HDInsight, and the differences that exist between it and other Hadoop deployments. We’ll go through the different options for deploying an HDInsight cluster. We’ll also go over using PowerShell for interacting with HDInsight, including scripts that you can use to automate the creation of an HDInsight cluster, run a Pig Script, and downloading your output file from Azure Blob Storage.


Brad Ball- Inside the Query Optimizer

When it comes to SQL Server one of the biggest request you hear is “How can I make my Query Run FASTER!?”. The answer understanding the first step in that process Is understanding the Query Optimizer. Understanding the Optimizer beings with knowing the Rules. The way our queries are written reflect directly on the output that we get. In this session we will look at the rules in SQL Server, write queries to show those rules in action, and walk out with a better understanding of how the Optimizer works.

Plan on seeing one of our team members there? Tweet us a picture! @PragmaticWorks

For more information or to register for SQLSaturday Nashville, please click here to visit their website.

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