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Make Your Move from Oracle to SQL

Make Your Move from Oracle to SQL

Are you tired of Oracle, Cybex or Teradata? Are you ready to move from these platforms to a better system for your business, but not sure how to get there? So many of our customers are moving their platforms to SQL Server. Let me tell you the 3 main reasons they are making the move.

1.  Oracle as a Bully

Nobody likes a bully. Between licensing audits, price fixing and enterprise agreements, customers are being bullied by Oracle. Besides not treating their customers well, their product is extremely expensive in relation to the value it brings. SQL Server has outpaced Oracle in value for years.msoraclechart.jpg

2.  SQL is the Best

Simply put, SQL is the best all-around data platform. Not only is it the most highly performing and most secure, it’s also the best for hybrid and cloud solutions and has built-in analytics with integration across premise solutions like Power BI and reporting services. The list goes on and on, but I’ll end it by saying, you’re getting a better price, better value and better customer experience with the supportability of Microsoft. Need I say more?

3.  Runs on Linux

You no longer need to run Windows to run SQL Server. Microsoft SQL Server 2017, being released now, runs on Red Hat and SuSE. Businesses want to run one operating system, which significantly reduces costs and streamlines their operations.

In 2017, Pragmatic Works is helping many customers move 1000s of servers from one or multiple platforms to Microsoft data platforms. By moving to SQL Server, you’re getting a better partner and a supportable ecosystem with many more features, better performance and scalability.

This will revolutionize what you can do for your business. Want to learn more? Every situation is unique and we’d love to talk about what these platform changes can do for you and your organization. Click the link below or visit our website to get started on your data platform move.

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