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My Data is Cleaner Than Yours!



Can you confidently claim that your data is clean? Our Data Analyst, Achara McNair-Tarfa, claims that her data is cleaner than yours. How does she have such confidence in her data? Here, you can view a demo by our Sr. Product Engineer, Manual Quintana, to explain how components in Pragmatic Works’ Task Factory can help you to not only claim your data is clean, but also save you time and gain efficiency.

The components shown in our demo help on two fronts. One is with the monotonous task of data cleansing, like trimming and null handling. The other will truly validate data quality. These components remove the need for all that scripting, making your life easier and saving you time.

In Visual Studio, you can leverage Task Factory’s data cleansing components in an easy-to-use interface with packages that you’ve entered into the data flow task. Then it’s as easy as choosing what action you want taken from a list of input columns. No need for custom coding and scripting. With the time saved, you can now focus on the dynamic pieces of your package.

What about loading from a delimited file? Here’s where the data quality component, called the File Gateway Task, comes into play. This component allows the user to choose a delimited file and implement certain validation rules. Then the user can choose the columns and how they want the comparison done. File Gateway does a conditional split for your delimited files. So, it splits out the good vs. the bad and this will be presented in one of the outputs that we can send to any destination.

There’s also a massive amount of bad addresses in most databases, whether badly formatted addresses or non-deliverable addresses. Our own address database had thousands of bad addresses, costing us thousands of dollars in undeliverable mail before we fixed it. The Task Factory product has two transforms to clean and validate addresses and make them CASS certified for cheaper mail delivery.

These are only a few of the over 60 components in Task Factory that will save you time and make your day to day data chores easier and more efficient. And even more good news — Task Factory is forever free in Visual Studio. Visit our website or click below to learn more about how Task Factory will help you confidently say, “My data is clean!”

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