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Our SSIS Components Execute 3,000% Faster Than Yours!

Our SSIS Components Execute 3,000% Faster Than Yours!

PRAG_1200x628_FBad.pngAre you tired of the pitfalls and slow running of native SSIS components? Would you like to have your SSIS components execute 3,000% faster? Using Task Factory, we can show you how to improve SSIS performance and speed up SSIS. 

In a speed comparison shown in this video by Product Engineer, Philip de la Cal and Pragmatic Works’ Founder and CEO, Brian Knight, you’ll see how utilizing components within Task Factory blows away native SSIS components.

In this comparison, Brian quickly codes some custom Task Factory components into the SSIS data warehouse, like SCD Wizard and OLE DB Command into Visual Studio. These components will replace the typically painfully slow row by row execution of performing inserts and updates.

When the speed test is run, native Task Factory components vs. native SSIS components, Task Factory is clearly the winner! Row by row is replaced by the Upsert Destination component, which is 900x faster, but they also utilized the Dimension Merge component. The combination of these 2 components make your SSIS dimension loads or table updates super-fast.

So, watch the video to see for yourself the true difference in running this SSIS package. Once you do, we know you’ll want Task Factory for yourself. Task Factory has over 65 custom components to speed up your ETL and, even better, it’s forever free in Visual Studio. Get SSIS running 3,000% faster and try Task Factory for free here!

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