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PASS Summit 2019 Keynote

PASS Summit 2019 Keynote

PASS Summit 2019 Keynote

At the PASS Summit 2019 in Seattle and I learned a few fantastic announcements during the opening Keynote that I wanted to share.

  • SQL Server Edge - Edge computing is a technology designed to answer the very specific use-case of high-performance IoT applications. SQL Server Edge, a compact version of SQL Server that runs in a 300mb footprint, is now available for public preview. Edge enables SQL Server to run on small IoT devices with little chips on an ARM device. This opens some interesting opportunities for smarter IoT devices. The demo of this at PASS was impressive!
  • Hyperscale – allows you to turn the scale of SQL Server up on demand. Hyperscale provides rapid scalability based on your workload demand. You can scale up your compute resources to accommodate heavy workloads as and when needed, and then scale the compute resources back down when not needed.

    The Hyperscale service tier removes many of the practical limits traditionally seen in cloud databases.          The time required to create database backups or to scale up or down is no longer tied to the volume of        data in the database. You can also scale a database in the tens of terabytes up or down in minutes.

  • Azure Synapse Analytics – Azure Synapse is Azure Data Warehouse evolved: Azure Synapse is a limitless analytics service that brings together traditional data warehousing and big data analytics – into one offering! This streamlines so many things we see every day and empowers customers to move faster. Learn more about Azure Synapse Analytics in our recent blog.

Another cool part of the keynote for me was Pragmatic Works' President, Adam Jorgensen, being honored. Adam spent 8 years on the board as PASS President and during his time he has participated in and driven real transformation. He’s applied his business acumen to the health and growth of our community to ensure future proofing of our members.

With Adam’s help, PASS made strategic investments, reduced silos and improved the way board members engage and contribute, just to name a few. Adam is now leaving the board, but he’s left a legacy anyone would be proud of. PASS said they will continue to carry on his work within PASS and in our community. Thank you Adam, it was great to be there with you and see you being honored for your work. 

At Pragmatic Works we are all about using your data and the cloud to grow your business. Our team of experts can help you with any stage of your cloud journey from planning and migration to implementation, and with utilizing the best Azure products and services, like the ones mentioned here. Contact us to learn more about how we can help take your business from good to great.

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