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Saving the Day from Delay - The Importance of Date Tables

Saving the Day from Delay - The Importance of Date Tables

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Do you want to learn how date tables can help you document your Power BI projects? In a recent webinar, presenter Kristyna Hughes walks you through performance issues caused by utilizing the native data tables and calculations in Power BI.

This webinar focuses on the importance of date tables to ‘save your day from delay’. In addition, you’ll learn how date tables can aid in increased data model compression and scalability of your reporting, allowing for a better end user experience.

A common request from end users is optimization, especially as we get into massive data sets and models. The presentation begins with this topic and how using native date hierarchies can affect optimization. Next up is how honing your data models is the solution to many optimization issues. You’ll learn how to drop native hierarchies, how to build a robust date table in M, as well as how to strategically name tables for measure scalability.

Plus, Kristyna will discuss the ‘give a mouse a cookie principle’ and how date tables can help. (Hint to this principle: if you give a business one report, they’ll probably ask for 50 more by the end of month!)

This is a demo heavy presentation where you’ll get a walk-through of building out an M date table which can be used for scalability and clarity in data models and measures and reconfiguring a data model. If you’d like to learn how date tables can increase end user’s optimization and save the day from delay, this webinar is for you.

Watch the complete webinar below. To view the presenter’s slide, click here.


Looking to learn more about using date tables, Power BI, or Azure in general in your organization? Our team of experts and MVPs can help with fully customizable solutions that can help you gain valuable insights from your data which is the key to growing your business. Contact us or click below.

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