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SSIS in the Cloud Overview

SSIS in the Cloud Overview


Do you want to learn how to manage and execute SSIS inside of Azure using “Lift and Shift”? In a recent webinar, Manuel Quintana, discussed some of the potential issues you could encounter and how it compares to Azure Data Factory.

You may be thinking about SSIS in the cloud and that could mean different things such as:

  • Running SSIS packages that move data to/from cloud sources
  • Executing SSIS packages within a virtual machine in Azure
  • Using Azure Data Factory and what is called Lift and Shift
  • Using pipelines/data flows within Azure Data Factory

The presentation begins by discussing these potential things you may be looking to do with SSIS in the cloud. The main focus of the webinar is on lift and shift so from here we’ll look at how to design packages that allow you to connect Azure itself with the Azure Feature Packs in the SSIS versions including a demo. Azure Features Packs have:

  • Tons of Connection Managers such as Azure Storage, Azure Data Lake, Azure Resource Manager and HDInsight
  • Tasks – we’re still in SSIS so the concept of Tasks (blob upload/download, Azure SQL DW upload, HDInsight Hive, Pig and Create Cluster, etc.) and data flow components (blob source/destination, Data Lake Store source/destination, etc.) still exists

The Feature Pack doesn’t add new transforms as these tools are already an established piece of SSIS, but these new features allow us to connect to the cloud services. Manuel’s demo will dive into this and cite what he feels are the pros and cons. This in-depth webinar will also cover:

  • Azure Blob Source and Loading Azure SQL DB and the limitations
  • Provisioning Azure Data Factory
  • And of course, what is a lift and shift of SSIS and why you should consider it
  • Azure-SSIS Integration runtime
  • ADF Data Flows

So, if you’re interested in learning more about managing and executing SSIS in Azure with lift and shift, this webinar is for you. You can watch the complete webinar below. To view the presentation files, click here.


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