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SSIS - Loading Dimension Tables

SSIS - Loading Dimension Tables

with Manuel Quintana.pngAre you interested in learning more about loading dimension tables in SSIS? A recent webinar with Manuel Quintana, Training Content Manager at Pragmatic Works, dives into SSIS and takes a look at the different design options that are available for maintaining dimensions in a traditional data warehouse.

In the webinar, which includes demos, Manuel goes over the beginning elements of loading dimensions and reviews why your goal should be to move away from transactional, normalized systems and get into a denormalized data warehouse system.

Manuel not only teaches about the benefits of a dimensional model, but discusses dimension types, dimension tables and surrogate keys. He then spends time on demos about designing and loading a dimension.

You can watch the recorded webinar here to learn more. As you probably know, an hour-long webinar about anything to do with SSIS is only a drop in the bucket. Fortunately, our On-Demand training offers deep dive courses on SSIS (Intro and Advanced) and Data Modeling, as well as over 30 courses including Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Big Data and Power BI. Visit our website to learn more or sign up for a free trial of our On-Demand Training platform today.


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