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Announcing Our Updated Introduction to SSIS Course

Announcing Our Updated Introduction to SSIS Course

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As always, we pride ourselves on keeping our courses up to date with all the changes that come about in the technology we teach. That’s why our Introduction to SSIS course with the most recent updates is here.

If you’re looking to take an introductory course and dive into the world of SSIS, let me tell you about our course and why it’s the best course for you to take. I promise that upon completion, you’ll have the knowledge you need and feel comfortable with SQL Server Integration Services, better known as SSIS.

This course is geared towards those venturing for the first time into the BI developer world. Because we’ll do a lot of work in a designer and using a graphical user interface (GUI) in Visual Studio, knowing and understanding a little about T-SQL or any programming language will be important. We’ll be learning throughout the class, but having a basic understanding of database, relational databases, relationships and data modeling will be helpful.

What else can you do before starting this class to ensure that you get the most from it? Make sure you have all the right resources and have everything downloaded and running (Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio). Once your resources are ready, be sure you’re ready to learn and take a developer-centric approach to this with some coding and T-SQL and a very logical approach to how we’re going to move data around.

Learning SSIS is incredibly important because, let’s face it, data is everywhere. We are pulling in data so fast, many people don’t know what to do with it! SSIS is an ETL tool; it’s for extracting data, transforming that data and then loading it. Oftentimes, we need to move our data in different areas and clean that data - that’s what SSIS is all about.

SSIS can pull data from various sources, create some logic to clean things up to our standards and put it in a centralized place that will make reporting much easier. The idea of ETL exists everywhere and SSIS is a massive piece of the business intelligence lifecycle and an integral part of the BI stack from Microsoft.

SSIS is here to stay as the only on-premise solution. If you start your journey into the cloud, the cloud-based solution for this is Azure Data Factory. (Don’t worry, we’ve got a course for that too!) But if you switch to cloud services, there will be a lot of parallels with SSIS, so knowing SSIS will help with understanding what Azure Data Factory is doing.

Bottom line, if you’re looking to work in the world of Business Intelligence as a BI developer, having an SSIS skillset is a great thing to have on your resume.

This ETL tool has been around for a long time and there are other resources to learn SSIS out there. What makes our class different is the fact that as SSIS changes with the versions of SQL Server, we ensure that what you’re learning is the newest, most up to date offerings and our class is consistently updated. We use the newest technologies and techniques that we’re leveraging to use SSIS to move data around. You’ll learn one logical piece of understanding to the next and build upon the knowledge, so by the end, you’ll have a firm understanding of Integration Services.

As far as the key takeaways, stick with me for the entirety of this class, hours and hours of learning content, and when we cross the finish line, you’ll come away with the capabilities to help your organization in extracting data from where ever it exists, transform it and then load it wherever it needs to reside. Plus, you’ll know how to do this in a way that’s dynamic, scheduled and automatic, making everything much more efficient.

Hopefully I’ve got you excited to take this class! Integration Services is big, but if you’re ready to dig in and follow with me on this journey into Business Intelligence, it’s an awesome tool to learn. Click the link below to enroll in our Introduction to SSIS class and to learn more about our On-Demand Learning platform with 45+ courses on business intelligence, Azure, Power BI, SQL Server and much more!

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