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Flashback Friday-SSIS ETL for Beginners

Flashback Friday-SSIS ETL for Beginners


I can’t connect my package…never fear Brad Schacht to the rescue!

So you want to connect your SSIS package to Excel, SQL Server, Oracle and some Flat Files but you just can’t seem to get it to work. No worries! Our superhero consultant, Brad Schacht, will help break things down and show you how to make these connections one by one. Brad will show some of his super powers in ways that will assist you with using SSIS to do a simple data dump, how to keep tables in sync, and how to do incremental loads. 

He will also go in to detail about what you should and shouldn’t do in your SSIS ETL. Also, if you are wondering what you should do with your very large data sets but can’t seem to handle all the memory, Brad is coming to your rescue. Feeling challenged by bringing multiple sources into one destination? This webinar was designed just for you and has the answers to assist. Brad is faster than a speeding Architect, he leaps large memory issues in a single bound, and his knowledge is more powerful than a locomotive, definitely worth watching him in action. 


You can find Brad and other Pragmatic Works’ consultants leaping tall issues to restore calm to all on subjects about SQL Server, Power BI, Sharepoint, Big Data and a host of other topics on our training site. You can also register for one of our upcoming webinar’s at http://pragmaticworks.com/Training/FreeTraining/FutureWebinars. We look forward to seeing you at our next webinar.

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