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Flashback Friday-SSIS, It's So Complicated!

Flashback Friday-SSIS, It's So Complicated!


“SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) it’s so complicated,” you say.

Welcome to our first Flashback Friday blog! Twice a month, Pragmatic Works will be posting helpful SQL videos from the past. Let us know in the comments section below if there is something you want to see!

So you think you want to learn SSIS but you feel so overwhelmed when you open Visual Studios? Well don’t be afraid, it’s pretty simple. So simple that even a technically challenged individual can learn it and become a master like Pragmatic Works' SSIS expert Dustin Ryan. He is a master Jedi in the world of SSIS and is going to dumb down the complication of building your first package. 

Here comes the warning: You will be able to build your first package by the end of this video so you can’t tell your boss you don’t know how and suddenly become a storm trooper and refuse. Dustin’s unique way of teaching will walk you through opening Visual Studios, creating that “special” package and how to set up the connections using the precedence constraint from one task to another. You can even watch him successfully execute the package in under 4 minutes!  It’s pure magic, nah it’s the Jedi magic that only Dustin can teach. 

If you are new to Visual Studio, this is the video for you. By the time you watch this video you to will be able to develop your very first package. If you want to learn the basics of SSIS from the other Jedi masters at Pragmatic Works, head over to our website to start your FREE trial. and either sign up for an upcoming webinar or view our past webinars.  We have something for everyone….beginner, intermediate, or master wanting to learn new tricks. May the force be with you.


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