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Flashback Friday-The T-SQL Golden Egg

Flashback Friday-The T-SQL Golden Egg


Which comes first the Chicken or the Egg?

It doesn’t really matter which comes first in this instance, it’s more about the egg. In this particular webinar Kathy Kellenberger is going to tell us how to cook our egg, in a matter of speaking. Let’s just assume that the webinar, “Get Started with T-SQL SELECT Part 1” teaches about how to take care of the chicken to get her to lay an egg.  

Get Started with T-SQL SELECT Part 2, teaches us what to do with the egg once it is here. This webinar is special, 

Get Started with T-SQL SELECT Part 3, Kathy is going to teach us about frying or scrambling that egg, well maybe not really an egg but you get the metaphor. Kathy will go in depth to teach us about Functions and Expressions in a WHERE clause, as well as how to work with a NULL value. She also shows us the Multiple conditions and the IN list. The golden egg or as I like to call it breakfast. It is packed with plenty of demos for you to try on your own. You will be given the baseline needed to either refresh your TSQL knowledge or learn some new information about the in-depth things you can do in a WHERE clause. If you are new to the world of TSQL and want to learn from the best, Pragmatic Works has a great series of videos for you, Get Started with T-SQL SELECT. You can find all of our free webinars at https://pragmaticworks.com/training




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