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Keys to a Successful Data Platform Migration

Keys to a Successful Data Platform Migration


Have you started your data platform migration yet? If not, you can be certain that your competitors have either already migrated, or will be soon. What are you waiting for? A modern data platform opens a wealth of opportunities for your organization.

Businesses are leaving legacy platforms, such as Sybase, Oracle and Teradata at an increasing rate. One reason is the cost to maintain and manage older platforms, as well as dealing with performance and management challenges. Pragmatic Works hears from many of our customers who have reached their cost tipping point and are ready to make the move.

Other top reasons businesses are migrating:

  • Reduced operating costs, since new data and cloud platforms deliver innovative capabilities and require less maintenance and management.
  • Improving performance and availability with efficiency gained from Microsoft’s data and cloud platform.
  • Compliance, security and risk reduction by moving to Microsoft’s SQL Server and Azure, which have the most secure data and application platforms on the market.
  • New capabilities are a top 5 reason why companies are moving from legacy platforms. Modern platforms support and accelerate innovation.

Why now? Companies are seeking alternatives to get away from high costs and lack of flexibility, as well as poor performance and reduced capabilities. Businesses that migrate to SQL Server and Azure see significant improvements in their business in the first 6 months post migration.

Pragmatic Works has helped many of our over 7000 clients with a successful data platform migration. Here are the 5 keys you need to know to make your migration a success:

Key #1 – Have clear goals in mind

Key #2 – Complete a comprehensive assessment

Key #3 – Take the right approach

Key #4 – Testing, Tooling and Training

Key # 5 – The Right Partner 

We are a leader in migration planning, implementation and support. That's why 96% of the Fortune 100 trust Pragmatic Works to be their guide. Trust us, don’t get left behind the competition. To learn more about these 5 keys, click below to read our complete 'Keys to a Successful Data Migration' guide or contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve a successful data platform migration.

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