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Introduction to T-SQL Training

Introduction to T-SQL Training


Are you looking to learn T-SQL and begin using it in your role or organization? Or maybe you know a little about it but want to dive in and learn it fully, so you can best implement it in your Business Intelligence world. In either case, our Introduction to T-SQL course is for you! Let me tell you more about it.

1. Who is this class for?

The Introduction to T-SQL course is for anyone just getting started in the Business Intelligence world. Or maybe you’ve been in development and want to learn a different perspective and get the foundations of T-SQL. This course will give you all the basics you’ll need and will open many doors in the BI world.

2. What skills are needed for this class?

This course takes an introductory approach to T-SQL, so no prior SQL knowledge is needed. You’ll get a better understanding of what databases are about, learn to write SQL statements and learn what syntax is. It also has some level setting elements so it’s great for newcomers, as well as for those already in Business Intelligence but who are not familiar with T-SQL or for those that know a bit of T-SQL but need to build up their foundation and knowledge.

3. Why is it important to learn T-SQL?

T-SQL is a huge topic and we have put a lot of investment into this course and ensure we update it as often as needed to keep it fresh. Once you learn T-SQL, it will open up so many pathways and let you go into other directions like SSIS, SSRS or SSAS – having a strong foundation in T-SQL will help you along the way. All the content taught in this course is a gateway to so many amazing choices in Business Intelligence.

4. What does this course offer that you can’t find anywhere else?

Because T-SQL is so popular, you can find a lot of blogs and training content about it out there. But we’ve put so much into this course and pride ourselves on digging deep into content and providing the best introduction to T-SQL that you’ll find anywhere.

We’ve put together the appropriate order and process of learning T-SQL that will make a lot of sense and in a nice, consumable format that allows you to revisit specific points as they come up in the real world. We do our best to keep it exciting, entertaining and teach you strong T-SQL skills that allow you to get right to work with T-SQL upon completion.

5. What are the key takeaways from this course?

By the end of this course, you’ll feel strong about your T-SQL knowledge and feel confident in the Business Intelligence realm, whether to use that knowledge to ‘talk the talk’ in an interview or to put T-SQL to use in your current role. Plus, you’ll now have the groundwork to take other classes. Our On-Demand Training library covers a variety of data and Business Intelligence topics and we always tell people to start with T-SQL. After this course, the rest of the BI world is yours to conquer.

We know you’ll enjoy this course and hope you’re excited to build your T-SQL foundation to take on whatever doors it opens. So, whether you’re looking for an introduction to BI, just need a refresher or to strengthen your T-SQL skills, this course is for you! Click the link below to learn about how to enroll in this course or learn more about our 30+ (and growing) On-Demand Training platform.

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