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Transform Your Data Estate with Azure

Transform Your Data Estate with Azure

Free Training Banners KAre you looking to move to a modern Data Estate? If so, we’re sure Microsoft Azure has been part of the conversation. In a recent webinar, hosted by Ramnik Gulati, Microsoft’s Director of Product Marketing in Cloud, Data and AI and Principal Program Manager on the Data Platform Team, Kevin Farlee, they discussed more about Microsoft’s differentiated approach to shaping the Data Estate conversation with customers including:

  • Only Microsoft Does a True Hybrid Data Estate
  • Unmatched Choice & Flexibility
  • Most Secure Database on the Planet
  • Best in Class Performance
  • 1/10th the Cost of the Competition

The world is changing across the globe in all industries. The 3 core trends are: the growth of data, the number of organizations adopting cloud-first strategies and AI investment (which has increased by 300% in 2017!).

A little over a year ago, Microsoft surveyed 350 enterprise customers to assess where these companies’ maturity level is in the areas of cloud computing, advanced data technologies and AI. From this report, there were some clear patterns in different industries including, financial services, retail, manufacturing and consumer goods when it comes to maturity in these areas.

It may not be surprising to learn that organizations that are more mature and are harnessing data, cloud and AI out-perform and out-innovate and see consistent significant growth in their operating margin and operating income.

So, if you’re on the fence about delving into these areas or maybe you’ve just begun embracing them, this study shows there is a clear pattern of reward on the other side.

If you’d like to learn more about Microsoft’s differentiated approach and how relying on a modern data estate for your business is the way to go with either an on premise, cloud or hybrid approach, watch the complete webinar below (including a link to the full report). You can also view the slides from the webinar by clicking here.

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