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Azure Subscription Cost and Spending

Azure Subscription Cost and Spending

Azure Subscription Cost and SpendingBudgeting is key to any business and we all know that keeping track of our costs and spending is important. Luckily, it’s easy to watch our Azure spend. Today I’ll walk through a quick way to see how much I’m spending in my Azure environment.

    • From my Azure dashboard, I click on the Cost Management tab and it shows all the subscriptions that I have, such as Azure Pass and Visual Studio Premium. For this demo, I’ll look at Azure Pass.
    • When I click on the subscription itself, it brings me to a page with a circle chart that shows Costs by Resource and a graph of Spending Rate and Forecast.
    • Spending Rate and Forecast shows when I can expect to run out of Azure resources. I have a spend limit and I can see exactly where in the month that my Azure resources will be paused or disabled once I’ve hit that limit.
    • I can also see my credit remaining. More importantly, it shows the forecast of what I would spend if I had kept at the current limit without having a cap on it.
    • The Cost by Resource chart let’s me see what I’m spending my money on. I can scroll around the circle and it breaks items down.
    • When I click on the chart, it brings me to a screen that I can export to and get a deeper breakdown; why am I spending so much on dwnys, for example? In this deeper breakdown I can see that I was spinning up, utilizing and testing my SQL Data Warehouse and I have a DW cost associated with my Azure subscription.

So, if you’re trying to figure out what you’re spending your money one within your Azure environment, this is a nice, easy way to break down your costs. If you’d like to learn more about this or any other Azure related product or service, we are your best resource. Click the link below or contact us—we’d love to help.

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