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Becoming the Ultimate Cloud DBA

Becoming the Ultimate Cloud DBA

Adam J

Do you want to learn how to become the ultimate cloud DBA? In a recent webinar, Adam Jorgensen shows you behind the scenes strategies that he uses to accelerate customers and their teams and learn how to upskill, balance and leverage their new cloud resources.

If you or your company is becoming involved with data in the cloud, many people ask, what do I need to know or how do I get ramped up for the cloud? Some may have thought the cloud was going to get rid of the DBA role; this is not the case. There’s a lot to learn when moving to the cloud in a DBA and other roles, but the good news is you may not need to learn it or do it all.

In this webinar, Adam will segment what you need to know depending on what you’ve your hands in. Whether you’re involved in the production environment, involved in infrastructure or working with data warehouses or analytics, Power BI or wearing multiple hats, Adam focuses on what’s important to know whatever your role requires.

The presentation kicks off with what has changed with the cloud such as corporate IT strategy and architectures, as well as cost structures and the financial management of technology. The cloud also has changed thoughts on a more personal level, maybe it’s your job itself or your role and responsibilities, as well as your goals and motivation.  

Most of the webinar, Adam spends time discussing the main areas where skills have changed with utilizing the cloud:

  • Professional Skills
  • Development Skills
  • Data Storage & Management
  • Analytics Platforms
  • Scalability
  • Integration & Workflow
  • Security & Identity
  • Azure Infrastructure
  • High Availability & Recovery
  • Performance Tuning

Then once you’re aware of these changing areas and what you should know or learn more about, where do you go from here? Adam will fill you in. He’ll also share many great resources that we recommend to customers. So, if you’re looking learn about how to become the ultimate DBA in the cloud, you’ve got to check out this webinar. Watch the complete webinar below. To view the presentation slides, click here.

Looking for a deep dive into Azure? We have an incredible event coming October 7 – 10, our Azure Data Week Online Conference. This Azure event is four jam packed days of Azure sessions presented by industry experts and MVPs, with each day covering a different topic: fundamentals, dev ops, migrations and analytics. You can pick and choose which sessions you want to attend with eight, 45-minute sessions each day, plus access to all the recordings for one year with purchase.

Here’s the best part – the cost of Azure Data Week is $49 – that’s 90% less than in-person conferences. 


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