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Customer Roadblocks to Azure

Customer Roadblocks to Azure

PRAG_Banner_AzureEveryday_600x250-1When I speak with customers, I often find they share common roadblocks to using Azure. I recently sat down with Jon Reutinger, our Consulting Sales Manager in Texas, to ask what he hears from customers, to see if together, we can shed some light to clear up some of these Azure roadblocks.

The first thing on everyone’s mind is security. Is the cloud a secure environment? The answer is yes, in most cases, it’s more secure than an on-premises environment. We’ve all heard of break-ins and even about big companies that had their own private cloud but couldn’t keep it safe.

Microsoft does a great job, with all the compliance they’ve done, of making Azure a secure environment for your data and to protect the privacy of the people in it. Microsoft has spent a lot of resources on security, it’s in their best interest, so take it off your plate and let them handle it for you.

The next big roadblock is control. How do I control my environment? I’m putting it up in the cloud with everyone else. Azure helps solve this with its cloud-ready management tools. The second question within this roadblock is, why do I have to maintain two separate environments? The management tools that Azure put in place, makes those environments very similar, instead of having two divergent environments.

I also tell customers about how hybrid helps, along with these management tools, like Management Studio, SCOM and Operations Management, which are all ready for hybrid use. It’s incredibly helpful that Microsoft put a lot of components into Management Studio to help manage your data assets, as well as some of the files and other components within Azure.

Microsoft understands that enterprises can’t, or don’t feel comfortable, going in all at once. Hybrid helps people ease in and therefore, removes this roadblock.

At Pragmatic Works, we’d love to help you see some of these benefits of Azure. If you have questions around security or managing multiple environments, you can talk to Jon or myself, or any of our knowledgeable team to answer any Azure questions and remove the roadblocks that are holding you back from Azure. Click the link below to start a conversation today.  

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