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Building an App Session 7 | Editing Records- Demo

Building an App Session 7 | Editing Records- Demo

Blog Session 7 Editing Records

We have made it to our 7th session of building this check-in app.  If you are interested in all of the ins and outs of what got us to this point and you want to build the app from the beginning check out the six videos in the playlist first.

In our last session, we learned how to add records by using a form.  In this session, we are now going to find a way to edit any records that are in our student location data source.  To do this we will need to add some navigation functions, icons, and also force the hand of Power Apps to take our form out of the default New Form mode and change the form to edit mode.  We are also going to run into a problem where our pre-populated fields of the form don’t behave the way we wish they would.  We will fix this using an IF statement.

The goal of these next few blogs and videos is to build an app, but not do it too quickly.  I want to let the information soak in one week at a time without overwhelming anyone.  If you think the videos cover too much or not enough material for one session please email me at mpeterson@pragmaticworks.com so I can modify the future sessions or leave a comment below the video.

Enjoy and have fun! 



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