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Free Training on T’s – Tabular and PowerPivot Feature Limitations

Free Training on T’s – Tabular and PowerPivot Feature Limitations

On Thursday we hosted the Tabular and Power Pivot Feature Limitations webinar with Brad Schacht.  He took us through the various Tabular and Multidimensional differences, as well as a work around for features that are not supported in Tabular.  This webinar is sure to assist you in making an informed decision as to which product you want to use based on your needs to get the best information in your PowerPivot.


Brad started the webinar with an in-depth comparison of Multidimensional versus Tabular. This information is crucial if you are on the fence about which type of Analysis Services cube you are trying to build.  In Brad’s comparison he discusses how Actions are not supported in Tabular but explains that there are workarounds to this limitation.  He further states that Calculated Measures, Drillthorugh, and KPIs are supported by both Tabular and Multidimensional.  It is revealed that Many to Many is not supported by Tabular however you can work around it through DAX and he goes in to detail about this workaround later in the webinar.  If you need Writeback functionality it is only supported in Multidimensional and currently there is no work around for this feature.

Throughout this webinar Brad demonstrates some of his workarounds.  He shows how many to many role dimensions can be used with DAX for every measure, how to use role playing dimensions in Tabular, shows you how to use dynamic security inside of Tabular, and briefly explains how to do OR filters inside of Power Pivot.  

Brad extensive experience and unique style of teaching is why he has such a large following.  You can view his webinar on our website at http://pragmaticworks.com/Training/FreeTraining/ViewWebinar/WebinarID/1723 .

Our upcoming webinar, Enterprise MDM on the Microsoft Platform with Anthony Martin will be on January 27, 2015.  He is a Solutions Architect here at Pragmatic Works, with over 10 years of experience in designing and implementing solutions utilizing the Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence platform.  His webinar will be packed with useful information on Master Data Services and its core capabilities.  He will also take a look at how MDS can be empowered with Profisee to deliver and Enterprise MDM solution.  You can register for this webinar on our site at http://pragmaticworks.com/Training/FreeTraining/ViewWebinar/WebinarID/1727 .

Pragmatic Works offers FREE training every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 11:00 AM.  Our pre webinar trivia starts at 10:30 AM, it will give you a chance to meet our presenters (if they are available) and share some fun before they dive into an informational webinar around many Business Intelligence and Data topics.  You can visit our website and find a comprehensive list of our future webinars and register. (http://pragmaticworks.com/Training/FreeTraining/FutureWebinars).  Remember it’s FREE!  I look forward to seeing you at the next webinar.

Which native feature of Multidimensional and Tabular are you currently struggling with?

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