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Introducing Our New Course - Data Storytelling with Power BI

Introducing Our New Course - Data Storytelling with Power BI

On-Demand_Training_Banner_SmallWe are excited to announce our new course, Data Storytelling with Power BI! The world around us relays a constant stream of data often with some sort of visualization to help us absorb it quickly. Data storytelling allows organizations to communicate with their employees, clients, and stakeholders. And it is accessible and appeals to a wide audience, including those who aren’t as data-savvy as the people behind the reports.

Our Data Storytelling with Power BI course is designed for the business user or IT professional who wants to make it simple for their business to make informed decisions using their data analytics. Data storytelling is the most effective communication tool we have. It provides the context your audience needs to see the connections between important trends. By combining storytelling with data insights, we make our data memorable and actionable.

This beginner level course combines an academic and a technical approach to delivering reports and insights in a meaningful way.  Some experience with Power BI could be helpful but is not necessary.

Most report developers are great with data insights and the technical side of the business but often struggle with storytelling. This course teaches you how to apply a repeatable process called the Data Storytelling Lifecycle which will help make storytelling easier.

The key takeaway from this course is to learn how to utilize data storytelling in your organization to make informed business decisions by combining data analytics with an intentional narrative that is focused on a specific purpose, as well as and end goal, in mind.

Data Storytelling is an exceptional communication tool. Enroll in our Data Storytelling with Power BI course today and get started using storytelling to get your data insights working for your business within your team and for your clients.

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