Interactive Dashboards with Excel


  • How to save time in Excel
  • To understand design patterns and strategies for building dashboards in Excel
  • To understand how to use the Formulas and Functions for the purpose of designing dashboards
This course includes:

Course Description

Interactive Dashboards with Excel is an online video course for data analysts, data wranglers, spreadsheet developers and managers looking to design work for decision makers. This course will teach you how to present data to leadership, so they can ask questions of the data and make decisions quickly. In addition, this course covers theoretical concepts like data visualization and how to build spreadsheets, so they’re always fast, transparent, feature-rich, and extensible. By the end of this course, you will feel confident knowing the best chart to use to present based on the data you have, and you’ll be able to turn around dashboards and charts more quickly than before. While the topics in this course may seem advanced, they’ll be presented to you in a friendly manner—and lessons are designed such that you’ll be able to apply the material immediately to your own work before finishing the course.


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Module 01 | Introduction to Interactive Dashboards with Excel
22m 21s total


Module 01A | Why Excel
07m 44s


Module 01B | Why Dashboards
05m 00s


Module 01C | VLOOKUP Series Selection Demo
09m 37s


Module 02 | Thinking Outside the Cell
31m 41s total


Module 02A | Introduction
06m 14s


Module 02B | Why Develop Differently
03m 29s


Module 02C | Inserting the Camera Tool
02m 48s


Module 02D | Using the Camera Tool
07m 15s


Module 02E | Development Principles
12m 35s


Module 03 | Working with Formulas
29m 48s total


Module 03A | Formula Editing Tips
11m 06s


Module 03B | Excel’s Calculation Engine
08m 26s


Module 03C | Writing Better Formulas
10m 16s


Module 04 | Lookup Functions
38m 14s total


Module 04A | Introduction
02m 30s


12m 30s


Module 04C | Array Formulas
21m 06s


Module 04D | Array Formulas Review
02m 08s


Module 05 | Excel Tables
23m 50s total


Module 05A | Introduction
03m 31s


Module 05B | Inserting an Excel Table
07m 43s


Module 05C | Working with Tables
06m 41s


Module 05D | Excel Table Chart
04m 12s


Module 05E | Excel Table Rules
02m 23s


Module 06 | Sorting and Decision Function with Excel Tables
45m 44s total


Module 06A | Sorting Functions
15m 57s


Module 06B | Filters and SUMPRODUCT
01m 34s


Module 06C | Filtering on Excel Tables
15m 26s


Module 06D | Aggregation with Excel Tables
11m 26s


Module 06E | Summary
02m 05s


Module 07 | Introduction to Form Controls
23m 10s total


Module 07A | Enabling the Developer
01m 35s


Module 07B | Excel Controls
13m 20s


Module 07C | Form Control Basics
08m 55s


Module 08 | Formula Driven Development
11m 47s total


Module 08A | Introduction
04m 53s


Module 08B | Information-Transformation-Presentation
06m 54s


Module 09 | Interactive Legends in Excel
25m 53s total


Module 09A | Setting Up the Interactive Legend
08m 23s


Module 09B | Perfecting the Interactive Legend
17m 30s


Module 10 | Interactive Chart Toggle
13m 55s total


Module 10A | Setup
06m 51s


Module 10B | Formatting
04m 33s


Module 10C | Maintenance
02m 31s


Module 11 | Interactive Dashboards
17m 46s total


Module 11A | Setup
13m 33s


Module 11B | Formatting
01m 41s


Module 11C | Maintenance
02m 32s


Module 12 | Primer on Data Visualizations
18m 15s total


Module 12A | Visual Perception
07m 49s


Module 12B | Gestalt Laws of Grouping
04m 26s


Module 12C | Preattentive Attributes
02m 28s


Module 12D | The Problem with Pie Charts
01m 35s


Module 12E | Data Vis vs Infographics
01m 57s


Module 13 | Expanding the Chart Library
10m 38s total


Module 13A | Dual Axis Banding
03m 41s


Module 13B | Area Chart Banding
04m 01s


Module 13C | Limit Charts
02m 56s


Module 14 | Bullet Charts in Excel
10m 29s total


Module 14A | Building the Chart
07m 10s


Module 14B | Horizontal Bullet Chart Trick
03m 19s


Module 15 | Infographics
19m 15s total


Module 15A | Introduction
01m 18s


Module 15B | Progress Meter
07m 38s


Module 15C | Donut Chart
05m 09s


Module 15D | Waffle Chart
05m 10s


Module 15E | Bringing it Together with the Camera
01m 52s


Module 16 | Summary
02m 27s total


Module 16A | Summary
02m 27s



Data Science/Analytics Professional and Visualization Expert
Jordan is an internationally recognized data science/analytics professional and visualization expert, author, and speaker. He is the owner of Cambia Factor, a data consulting agency and the author of “Advanced Excel Essentials” (Apress 2014) and Dashboards for Excel (Apress 2015). He has consulted with and provided training for NATO, the Pentagon, and Financial Times, among others. His work has been cited by and quoted in the Associated Press, Bloomberg Businessweek, Dice News, and American Express OPEN Forum. He has also held the prestigious MVP award from Microsoft since 2013.

System Requirements

  • Windows, 7, 8 or 10
  • 1 GHz or faster CPU
  • 1 GB of available RAM (recommended 2 GB)
  • 5 GB of free hard drive space
  • Microsoft Excel 2010 but Excel 2013 is preferred

What to Know Before Class

A basic understanding of working with Excel is recommended, but not mandatory.


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Pending reviews - check back later

Pending reviews - check back later

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