SQL Server High Availability

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  • To understand basic high availability terminology
  • How to set up and configure a high availability solution
  • How to monitor your high availability solution


This course includes:

Course Description

High availability is a broad term used and misused throughout on and offline discussions about uptime and application availability. For the DBA, it is critical to understand this topic and the technological underpinnings of the high availability options Microsoft provides within SQL Server. This course will begin by explaining key terms and concepts surrounding the idea of high availability. Following that, every SQL Server high availability option will be discussed and demoed. By the end of the course, students will have a firm idea of what high availability tools are presented within SQL Server, as well as how to deploy those tools.


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Module 01 | Introduction to High Availability
11m 45s total


Module 01A | Introduction to High Availability
11m 45s


Module 02 | Replication
60m 40s total


Module 02A | Snapshot Replication
35m 18s


Module 02B | Transactional Replication
10m 26s


Module 02C | Monitor Replication
09m 27s


Module 02D | Summary
05m 29s


Module 03 | Log Shipping
21m 28s total


Module 03A | Setting Up Log Shipping to Single Secondary
14m 14s


Module 03B | Setting Up Log Shipping Monitor Server
07m 14s


Module 04 | Database Mirroring
16m 47s total


Module 04A | Database Mirroring
16m 47s


Module 05 | Windows Server Failover Cluster
16m 23s total


Module 05A | Windows Server Failover Cluster
16m 23s


Module 06 | Availability Groups
27m 52s total


Module 06A | Setup and Configuration
18m 18s


Module 06B | Additional Considerations
09m 34s


Module 07 | Basic Availability Groups
12m 44s total


Module 07A | Basic Availability Groups
12m 44s


Module 08 | Clustering SQL Server
19m 19s total


Module 08A | Clustering SQL Server
19m 19s



Dan Taylor started his DBA career at Nielsen Media Research Company working with Sybase ASE 11 through 12.5, Sybase IQ, eventually moving to SQL Server. Post Nielsen Media Research, Dan worked for Publix Supermarket, a Forbes recognized industry leader, Forbes Top 100 Best Places to Work, and top in customer service and satisfaction. Following Publix, Dan worked at New York Life, which is recognized as a Fortune 500 company, Fortune 500 Global company, and recognized as top 50 company for diversity. Outside of work, he was also the Tech Editor for the Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Administration Guide. Dan has worked with SQL Server versions from 7.0 to 2016. You can find him on Twitter as @DBABullDog, on LinkedIn, and at A former consultant with Pragmatic Works, Dan is currently working at Microsoft.

System Requirements

  • To run these labs, you must have Windows Server 2012 R2, SQL Server 2016 Enterprise or Developer and Standard Edition.
  • Your computer should meet the following requirements:
    • Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10
    • If you’re connecting with your laptop, please download the stand-alone version of SQL Server Management Studio
  • Restore the WorldWideImporters database backup found in the course files

What to Know Before Class

A basic understanding of working with SQL Server is necessary. We recommend first taking our DBA Fundamentals course.

I enjoyed the class, and the pace at which was given. The information that was provided is very beneficial and provides me with a much better understanding of what is included with SQL High Availability. I look forward to utilizing the information learned from this course to implement these technologies within our MS SQL Server environment.


Pending reviews - check back later

Pending reviews - check back later

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