Power BI Analysts Build Amazing Dashboards & Reports

build beautiful dashboards & reports

Tell amazing stories with data. Use custom visuals to communicate issues faster.

Deliver Data To Everyone

Create systems that allow your users to ask questions in their native language and get data answers.

Clean Bad Data

It's impossible to make good decisions without clean, reliable data.

Help Others Make Better Decisions

Create reports that help others make more informed decisions faster.


Pragmatic Works’ On-Demand Learning is set up with your success in mind. We have made thousands of people and teams like yourself reach their highest potential and salary. Our author and MVP team is passionate about guiding you and your team to a new skill.

The average Power BI Analyst salary is $76,000.

Source: Glassdoor

Power BI Analyst U.S. Average Salary


The Learning Path includes classes offered as part of your On-Demand Learning package.  More classes are being added each quarter and old ones are constantly being updated because of the amount of change in Power BI each month.

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Power BI Analyst Plan

Pragmatic Works’ On-Demand Learning classes are constantly being updated and re-recorded to make sure you have the latest info about Power BI. Here’s a list of classes we recommend taking in the proper order:


Introduction to Power BI

  • How to configure and manage databases in the Microsoft Cloud
  • Perform common task for implementing security and making the solution highly-available. 


Class Info

Introduction to DAX

  • To have the ability to add analytical value to data models by creating calculated columns and measures
  • To develop a strong understanding of how to work with time intelligence functions in DAX
  • To build the foundations necessary for authoring more complex DAX calculations


Class Info

Advanced Power BI

  • Learn to build your own dashboards
  • Understand the Power BI ecosystem
  • Extract and model data


Class Info

Advanced DAX

  • To have the ability to significantly enhance the analytical value of data models with DAX calculations
  • To develop a strong understanding of advanced DAX concepts and learn to think like DAX
  • To understand when and how to use the more advanced DAX functions


Class Info

Power BI Service Administration

  • Power BI licensing options
  • Sharing and collaboration of workspaces
  • How to install and configure the Data Gateway
  • Security, data governance and auditing for successful Power BI deployment


Class Info
Certification Exam
Certification Exam

Exam DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI

This exam measures your ability to accomplish the following technical tasks: prepare the data; model the data; visualize the data; analyze the data; and deploy and maintain deliverables.


Exam Info
Certification Complete!
Certification Complete!

Mission Accomplished!

It was a challenging journey, but you have arrived and are now a Certified Data Analyst Associate.

Data Analysts enable businesses to maximize the value of their data assets by using Microsoft Power BI. As a subject matter expert, Data Analysts are responsible for designing and building scalable data models, cleaning and transforming data, and enabling advanced analytic capabilities that provide meaningful business value through easy-to-comprehend data visualizations.

About the Cert


Microsoft Power BI Complete Reference Guide gets you started with business intelligence by showing you how to install the Power BI toolset, design effective data models, and build basic dashboards and visualizations that make your data come to life.

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