Advanced Power Automate

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  • Understand Advanced Power Automate design patterns
  • Learn proper Power Automate administration
  • Learn how Power Automate integrates with other systems
This course includes:

Course Description

Expand the possible methods you use to automate simple and complex tasks with a deeper understanding of Microsoft Power Automate.  In this class you will learn how to go beyond the basics with Microsoft Power Automate by learning how to build dynamic flows, create complex reoccurring flow and understand how Power Automate integrates with other products.



Module 01 | Dynamic Flows
105m 49s total


Module 01A | Basic Expressions
20m 11s


Module 01B | Logical Functions
22m 29s


Module 01C | Advanced Conditions
27m 58s


Module 01D | Working with Variables
35m 11s


Module 02 | Advanced Design Patterns
60m 57s total


Module 02A | Transforming Data with Power Query
24m 00s


Module 02B | Parsing JSON
16m 35s


Module 02C | Integrating Azure Cognitive Services
20m 22s


Module 03 | Upgrading Power Automate to Logic Apps
23m 04s total


Module 03A | Upgrading Power Automate to Logic Apps
23m 04s


Module 04 | Advanced Flow Scheduling
60m 56s total


Module 04A | Recurrence Trigger
17m 21s


Module 04B | Advanced Recurring Flows
34m 48s


Module 04C | Calling Logic Apps
08m 47s


Module 05 | Administration
36m 39s total


Module 05A | Migrating Flows Across Tenants
12m 08s


Module 05B | Compliance Center Logs
08m 38s


Module 05C | Analytics Dashboard
07m 01s


Module 05D | Data Loss Prevention
08m 52s


Module 06 | Integrations
104m 41s total


Module 06A | Streaming Data to Power BI
28m 42s


Module 06B | Executing Stored Procedures in Power Apps with Power Automate
42m 47s


Module 06C | Azure SQL Database
09m 46s


Module 06D | Common Data Service Integration
23m 26s



Daniel Straitiff is a Trainer, Consultant, and Training Content Manager for Pragmatic Works specializing in the Power Platform. An Air Force veteran with a background in technology and broadcast media, he has the skills to develop high quality training content and provide engaging learning experiences. With Microsoft Certifications in Power BI, Power Automate, and the Power Platform, Daniels efforts are currently focused on helping our customers learn and master the Power Platform.
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System Requirements

Access to Microsoft Power Automate with the ability to create Flows

What to Know Before Class

It is recommended that students first watch the Introduction to Microsoft Power Automate course before starting this course.


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Pending reviews - check back later

Pending reviews - check back later

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