Introduction to Power BI

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  • To build your own dashboards
  • To understand the Power BI ecosystem
  • To extract and model data
This course includes:
  • Course Description
  • Outline
  • Instructor
  • System Requirements
  • What to Know Before Class

Course Description

This class is designed to get you up to speed on the latest with Power BI. First you will learn how to query and pull in data. Then organize the results into a data model with relationships and calculations. Finally, you will learn the best way to visualize your data through a variety of charts, graphs, maps and gauges that are provided. This class exclusively uses the Power BI Desktop application to create solutions that are deployed to the Power BI Service and are then visible from any devices.


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Module 00 | Getting Started
06m 07s total


Module 00A | Getting Started
06m 07s


Module 01 | Class Introduction
82m 25s total


Module 01A | BI Basics
33m 53s


Module 01B | Power BI Desktop Overview
19m 32s


Module 02 | Data Discovery with Power BI Desktop
29m 40s total


Module 02A | Data Discovery with Power BI Desktop
29m 40s


Module 03 | Transforming Data
180m 25s total


Module 03A | Basic Transforms
23m 05s


Module 03B | Add Column From Example
12m 26s


Module 03C | Appending Queries
15m 27s


Module 03D | Merging Queries
31m 55s


Module 03E | Combine Files
15m 16s


Module 03F | Reading and Understanding M
13m 23s


Module 03G | Writing Basic M
13m 27s


Module 03H | Parameters and Templates
28m 41s


Module 03I | Writing Parameters in M
13m 22s


Module 03J | Other Query Features
15m 13s


Module 04 | Introduction to Modeling Data
15m 44s total


Module 04A | Introduction to Modeling Data
15m 44s


Module 05 | Creating the Data Model
92m 70s total


Module 05A | Modeling Basics
53m 34s


Module 05B | Model Enhancements
26m 22s


Module 05C | What If Parameters
13m 14s


Module 06 | Creating Calculated Columns and Tables
56m 01s total


Module 06A | DAX Basics
26m 48s


Module 06B | Navigation Function
21m 21s


Module 06C | Calculated Tables
08m 32s


Module 07 | Creating Calculated Measures
49m 49s total


Module 07A | Measure Basics
34m 41s


Module 07B | Time Intelligence Functions
15m 08s


Module 08 | Introduction to Visualizing Data
19m 14s total


Module 08A | Introduction to Visualizing Data
19m 14s


Module 09 | Creating Basic Reports with the Power BI Desktop
25m 38s total


Module 09A | Creating Basic Reports with the Power BI Desktop
25m 38s


Module 10 | Creating Interactive Reports
224m 69s total


Module 10A | Adding Slicers for Filters
12m 31s


Module 10B | Visualizing Tabular Data
29m 07s


Module 10C | Visualizing Categorical Data
28m 22s


Module 10D | Visualizing Data Trends
17m 30s


Module 10E | Visualizing Categorical and Trend Data Together
17m 12s


Module 10F | Visualizing Geographical Data with Maps
34m 53s


Module 10G | Visualizing Goal Tracking
13m 56s


Module 10H | Using Custom Visuals
13m 23s


Module 10I | Digital Storytelling
38m 10s


Module 10J | Other Features
21m 25s


Module 11 | Using the Power BI Service
110m 67s total


Module 11A | Deploying to the Power BI Service
25m 05s


Module 11B | Setting up Workspaces
14m 23s


Module 11C | Creating Dashboards
16m 53s


Module 11D | Using Q&A
11m 15s


Module 11E | Publishing an App
12m 52s


Module 11F | Subscriptions and Alerts
09m 29s


Module 11G | Excel Integration
09m 40s


Module 11H | Export and Embed Options
12m 50s


Module 12 | Refreshing the Data
21m 55s total


Module 12A | Refreshing Data and the Data Gateway
13m 16s


Module 12B | Scheduling a Data Refresh
08m 39s


Module 13 | Mobile BI
20m 47s total


Module 13A | Power BI Mobile Overview
02m 59s


Module 13B | Designing Reports and Dashboards for Mobile
06m 38s


Module 13C | Interacting with the Power BI Mobile App
11m 50s



Training Content Manager
As a Training Content Manager, Consultant and Trainer with Pragmatic Works, Manuel uses his extensive knowledge of the BI Stack (SSRS, SSIS, SSAS etc.) to deliver exciting and engaging content. He also has experience with T-SQL, DAX, Power Platform and Azure Data Services. Manuel, however, is known for his impressive knowledge of the Microsoft Power BI tool. A native of Puerto Rico, He graduated from the University of Central Florida and loves being involved in the world of business intelligence. Manuel is a thought leader in the BI community.


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System Requirements

  • Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Microsoft Power BI Desktop requires Internet Explorer 10 or greater
  • Microsoft Power BI Desktop is available for 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) platforms
  • Power BI Desktop –

What to Know Before Class

Because this class is focused on self-service end user solutions, previous SQL Server knowledge is not required. While it’s not mandatory, ideally students should have a basic understanding of database terminology, such as tables, views, columns, rows, relationships, etc.


Manuel - You are an outstanding instructor! I was quite surprised as how quickly you responded to the ask the teacher feature.

Sean S.

Excellent course and instructor presentation was great. I was able to consume and apply the information immediately. I am impressed with Pragmatic Works and will continue to take more courses.

David H.

The instructor is clearly conversant with every aspect of Power BI and is an excellent communicator. I'd highly recommend this class to anyone. Boom!


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