Paginated Reports in a Day

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  • Design report layouts
  • Connect to data sources to retrieve report data
  • Work with parameters
  • Visualize report data
  • Add interactive features
  • Publish, consume, deliver, and embed paginated reports
This course includes:

Course Description

Paginated Reports in Power BI is built on the technology used for years in SQL Server Reporting Services, and allows you to create pixel-perfect reports that are optimized for printing and sharing across your organizations. With paginated reports, you can consolidate your self-service and enterprise reports in a unified, secure, enterprise-wide reporting platform accessible to any user across your organization.



Module 00 | Class Introduction
14m 53s


Module 01 | Power BI Reporting
40m 10s total


Module 01A | Power BI Reporting (Overview)
26m 57s


Module 01B | Power BI Reporting (Lab 01A – Getting Started)
10m 30s


Module 02 | Designing Report Layouts
109m 36s total


Module 02A | Designing Report Layouts (Introducing Report Builder)
24m 59s


Module 02B | Designing Report Layouts (Lab 02A – Create Your First Report)
16m 10s


Module 02C | Designing Report Layouts (Report Objects and Dynamic Properties)
32m 10s


Module 02D | Designing Report Layouts (Lab 02B – Develop a Report Template)
36m 17s


Module 03 | Retrieving Report Data
95m 13s total


Module 03A | Retrieving Report Data (Creating Data Solutions)
14m 07s


Module 03B | Retrieving Report Data (Creating Datasets)
32m 06s


Module 03C | Retrieving Report Data (Lab 03A – Develop a List Report)
49m 00s


Module 04 | Working with Parameters
76m 12s total


Module 04A | Working with Parameters (Introducing Parameters)
15m 39s


Module 04B | Working with Parameters (Working with Parameters)
16m 24s


Module 04C | Working with Parameters (Lab 04A – Work with Parameters)
44m 19s


Module 05 | Visualizing Report Data
93m 01s total


Module 05A | Visualizing Report Data (Data Regions)
17m 26s


Module 05B | Visualizing Report Data (Lab 05A – Develop a Table Report – Part 1)
50m 39s


Module 05C | Visualizing Report Data (Data Visualizations)
10m 01s


Module 05D | Visualizing Report Data (Lab 05B – Develop a Table Report – Part 2)
15m 35s


Module 06 | Interactivity Features
15m 50s total


Module 06A | Adding Interactivity Features (Overview)
06m 40s


Module 06B | Adding Interactivity Features (Lab 06A – Adding Interactivity Features)
09m 10s


Module 07 | Beyond Report Development
33m 39s total


Module 07A | Beyond Report Development (Overview)
23m 53s


Module 07B | Beyond Report Development (Walkthrough Example)
05m 57s


Module 08 | Bonus Content (Class Wrap-up)
04m 59s



Training Content Manager

As a Training Content Manager, Consultant and Trainer with Pragmatic Works, Manuel uses his extensive knowledge of the BI Stack (SSRS, SSIS, SSAS etc.) to deliver exciting and engaging content. He also has experience with T-SQL, DAX, Power Platform and Azure Data Services. Manuel, however, is known for his impressive knowledge of the Microsoft Power BI tool. A native of Puerto Rico, He graduated from the University of Central Florida and loves being involved in the world of business intelligence. Manuel is a thought leader in the BI community.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, or later
  • Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.7.2, or later
  • Latest version of Power BI Report Builder
  • Microsoft Edge (based on Chromium) recommended—or, another web browser supported by Power BI
  • Power BI Premium License

What to Know Before Class

  • No previous knowledge is required
"Manuel did a great job."

-Keith T.

"Excellent content, instructor, pace. Excellent course."

-Cory B.

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