Power BI Service Administration

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  • Power BI licensing options
  • Sharing and collaboration of workspaces
  • How to install and configure the Data Gateway
  • Security, data governance and auditing for successful Power BI deployment


This course includes:
  • Course Description
  • Outline
  • Instructor
  • System Requirements
  • What to Know Before Class

Course Description

Proper Power BI Administration and Governance is a critical aspect of having a successful Power BI deployment across your organization. This course provides the framework necessary to successfully integrate Power BI into your corporate environment. In this course we cover various topics such as deployment, data refresh, security, collaboration, data governance, auditing and more.


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Module 00 | Class Introduction
05m 14s total


Module 00A | Class Introduction
05m 14s


Module 01 | Power BI Licensing Options
46m 29s total


Module 01A | Power BI Licensing Options Overview
20m 31s


Module 01B | Premium
25m 58s


Module 02 | Deployment
11m 43s total


Module 02A | Deployment
11m 43s


Module 03 | Sharing and Collaboration
45m 19s total


Module 03A | Creating App Workspaces
18m 15s


Module 03B | Discovering Workspaces
13m 10s


Module 03C | Power BI Apps
13m 54s


Module 04 | Data Gateway
70m 34s total


Module 04A | Data Gateway Overview
20m 41s


Module 04B | Installation
13m 00s


Module 04C | Configuration
28m 38s


Module 04D | DirectQuery and Live Connection
18m 15s


Module 05 | Security
55m 40s total


Module 05A | Security Overview
18m 00s


Module 05B | Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication
05m 13s


Module 05C | Data Encryption
08m 44s


Module 05D | Row Level Security
13m 23s


Module 05E | Dynamic Security
10m 20s


Module 06 | Data Governance and Auditing
44m 35s total


Module 06A | Power BI Admin Role
13m 38s


Module 06B | Tenant Settings
13m 38s


Module 06C | User Licensing and 0365 Admin Center
08m 39s


Module 06D | Audit Logs
08m 40s



Training Content Manager
As a Training Content Manager with Pragmatic Works, Manuel uses his knowledge with the BI Stack (SSRS, SSIS, SSAS) to deliver exciting and engaging content. He also has experience with T-SQL, DAX and Power Pivot and is always looking to expand his knowledge. A native of Puerto Rico, Manuel graduated from the University of Central Florida and loves being involved in the world of Business Intelligence.



System Requirements

  • A Power BI Pro Account
  • **Optional** Power BI administrative rights
  • **Optional** O365 administrative rights

What to Know Before Class

It is recommended that you first take the Introduction to Power BI course.


Excellent course - most informative I’ve found yet!


Great class! Helped me a lot with understanding Power BI Service.


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