Power Virtual Agents in a Day

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  • Introduction to Chatbots
  • Create topics from existing webpages
  • Improve your Chatbot using entities, variables and topic redirects
  • Power Automate & other integrations
  • Chatbot optimization


This course includes:
  • Course Description
  • Outline
  • Instructor
  • System Requirements
  • What to Know Before Class

Course Description

Power Virtual Agents empowers subject matter experts to build intelligent conversational bots, using a guided, no-code graphical interface. Leveraging Power Automate, you can embed flows in your topics, to integrate with other business systems, creating a bot that can take action to resolve customer issues. Your bot can easily be deployed on a range of channels, and will provide you with built-in analytics to provide insight, and enable you to optimize and improve your bot to handle routine customer service issues, handing off to your agents for more complex queries.


This class is ideal for customer service managers and agents wanting to understand more about how Power Virtual Agents could work in their organizations. You will learn how to create a bot to answer common questions and resolve customer issues, automate processes and tasks, manage hand-off to support agents, deploy your bot on different channels, design and organize topics and conversations, and use analytics to gain insight and iterate and optimize your bot.




Module 00 | Introduction and Pre-requisites
36m 44s total


Module 00A | Introduction and Pre-requisites
36m 44s


Module 01 | Power Virtual Agent
84m 14s total


Module 01A | Build your First Chatbot
35m 33s


Module 01B | Create Topics from Existing Webpages
08m 27s


Module 01C | Improve your Chatbot using Entities, Variables and Topic Redirects
40m 14s


Module 02 | Power Automate & Other Integrations
35m 02s total


Module 02A | Integrate with Prebuilt Power Automate Flows
19m 52s


Module 02B | Authentication
06m 22s


Module 02C | Hand Off to Support Agent
08m 48s


Module 03 | Optimization
77m 52s total


Module 03A | Chatbot Topic Design
12m 54s


Module 03B | Best Practices for Writing Topic Trigger Phrases
21m 21s


Module 03C | Chatbot Conversation Style
25m 56s


Module 03D | Analytics, Monitoring and Chatbot Performance Improvement
13m 53s


Module 03E | Closing
03m 48s



Training President
Devin Knight is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Microsoft Certified Trainer, and President of Pragmatic Works Training. He focuses on driving adoption of technology through learning. He is an author of nine Power Platform, Business Intelligence, and SQL Server books. He has been selected as a speaker for conferences like Power Platform Summit, PASS Summit, SQLSaturdays, and Code Camps for many years. Making his home in Jacksonville, Florida Devin is a contributing member to several local user groups.



System Requirements

Have access to create a Trial Environment in Power Apps

Sign up for a Trial of Power Virtual Agents

What to Know Before Class

This course assumes you have no prior knowledge of Power Virtual Agents.


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