ETL Developers Clean and Move Data

Clean Bad Data

Every company has tons of bad data. The ETL developer helps to clean that bad data and fill in the blanks in missing data.

Load data warehouses

Power reporting systems by consolidating data throughout an organization.

Design Cloud Systems

Learn how to run SSIS packages in the cloud or migrate to Azure Data Factory.

automate repeating tasks

Automate tasks done by humans to reduce errors.


Pragmatic Works’ On-Demand Learning is set up with your success in mind. We have made thousands of people and teams like yourself reach their highest potential and salary. Our author and MVP team is passionate about guiding you and your team to a new skill.

The average SSIS developer salary is $78,000.

Source: PayScale/ZipRecruiter Surveys

SSIS Developer U.S. Average Salary


The Learning Path includes classes offered as part of your On-Demand Learning package.  More classes are being added each quarter and old ones are constantly being updated because of the amount of change in SSIS each month.

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SSIS Developer Plan

Pragmatic Works’ On-Demand Learning classes are constantly being updated and re-recorded to make sure you have the latest info about SSIS. Here’s a list of classes we recommend taking in the proper order:


Introduction To T-SQL

  • Write queries that involve multiple tables and summary queries
  • Modify data and understand the logical programming aspects of T-SQL


Class Info

Advanced T-SQL

  • This course has been designed using examples from real world scenarios
  • In many cases, the course demonstrates the different methods to solve a particular scenario and then explains why one may be better than another due to performance reasons
  • The course has a heavy emphasis on writing optimal queries


Class Info
Certification Exam
Certification Exam

Exam 70-761: Querying Data with Transact-SQL

This exam is intended for SQL Server database administrators, system engineers, and developers with two or more years of experience who are seeking to validate their skills and knowledge in writing queries.


Exam Info

Data Modeling

  • Modeling methodologies and advanced data modeling techniques
  • Transactional and dimensional model design
  • How to define the business process


Class Info

Introduction To SSIS

  • Create an SSIS package to load to a database
  • Make dynamic packages that work and self-heal in the event of a failure
  • Use SSIS in your environment


Class Info

Advanced SSIS

  • Use SSIS in your enterprise to solve common extract, transform and load (ETL) challenges
  • Implementing common real-world SSIS patterns taught from the experts of SSIS
  • In-depth SSIS training with advanced discussion in many areas


Class Info

SSIS In The Cloud

  • Create SSIS packages that interact with various Azure Storage options
  • Introduction to Azure Data Factory
  • Deploy packages to an Azure SQL Database


Class Info

Exam 70-767: Implementing a Data Warehouse using SQL

This exam is intended for extract, transform, and load (ETL) and data warehouse developers who create business intelligence (BI) solutions. Their responsibilities include data cleansing, in addition to ETL and data warehouse implementation.


Exam Info
Certification Complete!
Certification Complete!

Mission Accomplished!

It was a challenging journey, but you have arrived and are certified.

About the Cert


There are two books that specifically help in gaining your MCSA: BI Development certification. The first book focuses on learning SSIS for doing your job and the other two books are focused on certification. With this Learning Path, you’ll be able to pass the first test with the additional test needing SSAS classes in our BI Developer path.

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