Advanced Azure Data Factory

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  • How to use Azure Data Factory and integrate it with other cloud technologies
  • Azure DevOps and implementing CI/CD
  • ADF integration with Azure Key Vault, Azure Databricks, Azure Log Analytics and Azure Logic Apps
  • Building dynamic and reusable pipelines with parameterization
  • Using wrangling and mapping data flows
  • Monitoring metrics from all your data factories in a single Azure dashboard
This course includes:

Course Description

The Advanced Azure Data Factory (ADF) course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of Azure Data Factory and the integration with other cloud technologies. This course focuses on many different areas with Azure Data Factory. First, the course dives into Azure DevOps and provides you with a solid understanding of implementing CI/CD also known as continuous integration and continuous delivery. Next, you will learn about ADF integration with Azure Key Vault, Azure Databricks, Azure Log Analytics and Azure Logic Apps. The course also dives into building dynamic and reusable pipelines with parameterization and variables. Finally, you will learn how to use wrangling and mapping data flows and how to monitor the metrics from all your data factories from a single Azure dashboard.



Module 01 | Azure DevOps
77m 43s total


Module 01A | Azure DevOps Setup
31m 05s


Module 01B | Upload JSON Objects
12m 11s


Module 01C | Release Pipelines
34m 27s


Module 02 | Templates
32m 41s total


Module 02A | ARM Templates
26m 04s


Module 02B | Pipeline Templates
06m 37s


Module 03 | Azure Key Vault
54m 26s total


Module 03A | Setup & Secrets
19m 30s


Module 03B | ADF Integration
21m 53s


Module 03C | Managed Identity
13m 03s


Module 04 | Copy Activity
32m 44s total


Module 04A | Copy Activity Intro
19m 55s


Module 04B | Auto Table Creation
12m 49s


Module 04C | Archiving Files
09m 02s


Module 05 | Dynamic Content
144m 05s total


Module 05A | Check if File Exists
40m 57s


Module 05B | Parent Child Design
36m 59s


Module 05C | Expressions
16m 52s


Module 05D | Restartability
17m 23s


Module 05E | Metadata
31m 54s


Module 06 | Data Flows
122m 15s total


Module 06A | Data Flows Intro
18m 22s


Module 06B | Databricks
19m 03s


Module 06C | Wrangling Data
11m 28s


Module 06D | Mapping Data Flows
37m 59s


Module 06E | Rule-Based Mapping
35m 23s


Module 07 | Monitoring
31m 41s total


Module 07A | Azure Log Analytics
16m 04s


Module 07B | ADF Analytics and Dashboards
16m 37s


Module 08 | Running Pipelines
50m 14s total


Module 08A | Debugging Data Flows
12m 19s


Module 08B | Azure Logic Apps Integration
19m 11s


Module 08C | Data Factory Integration
18m 44s



Azure Solutions Architect

Austin is a Jacksonville native who graduated from The Baptist College of Florida in 2012. He previously worked as a manager in the retail service industry. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids. His primary focus at Pragmatic Works is on Azure Synapse Analytics and teaching the best practices for data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics. He also enjoys helping customers learn the ins and outs of Power BI and showing people new ways to grow their business with the Power Platform.

System Requirements

Microsoft Azure Account (Paid or Trial)

What to Know Before Class

This course assumes you have worked with Azure Data Factory and are familiar with basic cloud technologies.

Exactly what I need to learn at maximum speed and with, clarity and interesting content. Thanks to instructor;s communication skills, course outline and course content.

Greg C.

Very good. I am glad I took it.

Maria G.

Overall I loved it; thank you!

Ian B.

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