Advanced DAX


  • To have the ability to significantly enhance the analytical value of data models with DAX calculations
  • To develop a strong understanding of advanced DAX concepts and learn to think like DAX
  • To understand when and how to use the more advanced DAX functions
This course includes:

Course Description

The Advanced DAX course is designed to build on the fundamentals taught in the Introduction to DAX course. This course focuses on the advanced and difficult to comprehend DAX concepts like evaluation context, security, iterator functions and advanced DAX functions. The goal of this course is to give the student the tools necessary to think like DAX and understand the ‘why’ behind how calculations work.


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Module 00 | Class Introduction
03m 54s total


Module 00A | Why Advanced DAX?
03m 54s


Module 01 | Working with Variables
12m 16s total


Module 01A | Variables
12m 16s


Module 02 | Working with Filter Context
55m 41s total


Module 02A | What is Filter Context?
07m 10s


Module 02B | CALCULATE
13m 56s


Module 02C | FILTER and ALL
15m 31s


Module 02D | ALLEXCEPT
07m 39s


Module 02E | Totals
12m 05s


Module 03 | CALCULATE and Time Intelligence
32m 02s total


Module 03A | YTD and MTD
13m 00s


Module 03B | Rolling Totals
19m 02s


Module 04 | Semi-Additive Measures
25m 66s total


Module 04A | Overview
11m 49s


Module 04B | Opening and Closing Balance
14m 17s


Module 05 | Row Context
30m 63s total


Module 05A | Understanding Row Context and Context Transition
14m 49s


Module 05B | Working with Iterator Functions
16m 44s


Module 06 | Nested Row Context
21m 07s total


Module 06A | Nested Row Context
21m 07s


Module 07 | Error Handling
27m 23s total


Module 07A | Error Handling
27m 23s


Module 08 | Security
52m 07s total


Module 08A | Implementing Basic Security
23m 12s


Module 08B | Dynamic Security
14m 50s


Module 08C | SSAS Tabular Security
14m 45s


Module 09 | Role Playing Dimensions
28m 28s total


Module 09A | Multiple Table Import
12m 16s


16m 12s


Module 10 | Advanced DAX Functions
59m 48s total


Module 10A | CONTAINS
14m 44s


Module 10B | FIND
10m 27s


16m 37s


10m 32s


Module 10E | RANKX
08m 08s



Jeremiah Hersey is a Trainer for Pragmatic Works specializing in the Power Platform. He graduated from the University of North Florida in 2012 and comes with 5 years of teaching experience in high school mathematics. Jeremiah earned the accomplishment every year teaching, of being named one of the Best and Brightest teachers of Florida. His primary focus is helping our customers learn the in and outs of DAX.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • 1 GHz or faster CPU
  • 1 GB of available RAM (recommended 2 GB)
  • 20 GB of free hard drive space
  • Power BI Desktop
  • **Optional** SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular

What to Know Before Class

A basic understanding of how to create calculated columns and measures, ideally completion of Pragmatic Works’ Introduction to DAX course. The target audience of this course is for power users who are familiar with DAX, but want to take their skills to the next level.

Excellent course and great instructor. Helped me understand the more advanced concepts. The examples can be applied at work immediately which is key to showing management the value of these courses.

David H.

Outstanding class. DAX is not an easy language, but the instructor made it so easy. Row context, filter context, context transition are crystal clear now.

Hafiz S.

This class is excellent. I have watched 3 of Mitchell videos. His explanation is always clear and easy to understand.

Adewale A.

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