Art & Science of Excel Modeling


  • Basic spreadsheet design principles
  • How to demonstrate “real-world” creative solutions to routine business problems
  • How to plan, design and maintain business operational models with Excel
This course includes:

Course Description

The Art & Science of Excel Modeling course is an in-depth exploration of how to plan, design, and maintain robust, efficient business-operational models with Excel. This class is ideal for consultants, financial analysts, auditors, accountants, managers, and technical professionals seeking to elevate their Excel modeling acumen, tap into greater design creativity, and reap the benefits of great Excel models that can drive cost savings, process efficiencies and improve business decision making.


Kicking off with a bigger-picture, philosophical view of spreadsheet design principles, we aim to stimulate critical thinking skills and inspire confidence as you navigate an increasingly competitive job market. In our “real world based” demonstrations, we will explore creative solutions to routine business problems in the business, finance, and accounting world. We will also offer practical guidance for newer challenges arising from the ever-increasing volumes of “big” data that seem to be “pushing the boundaries” that Excel is naturally equipped to handle.


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Module 01 | Step By Step Approach to Decision Modeling with Excel
51m 52s total


Module 01A | Why “Art Science” when it comes to Excel?
06m 03s


Module 01B | Art Science of Excel Modeling in 9 Steps
45m 52s


Module 02 | Thinking Like Excel
56m 13s total


Module 02A | Cell Referencing Essentials
36m 25s


Module 02B | Notation Styles
19m 48s


Module 03 | Advanced Formula Mastery
131m 44s total


Module 03A | VLOOKUP
54.04m 06s


Module 03B | INDEX and MATCH
77m 40s


Module 04 | The Anatomy of an Excel Model
97m 03s total


Module 04A | The Anatomy of an Excel Model
97m 03s


Module 05 | Upgrading to the Modern Excel Table
65m 22s total


Module 05A | Essential Techniques
38m 43s


Module 05B | Excel Table and Data Models
22m 55s


Module 05C | Review
03m 45s


Module 06 | Next Level Excel and Database Systems
84m 08s total


Module 06A | Overview
10m 29s


Module 06B | Talking to Databases
52m 36s


Module 06C | Automating with Databases
21m 03s



Excel Expert
Szilvia Juhasz is co-host at Excel TV, author, and management consultant. As the founder of Los Angeles-based XSzil Consulting, Szilvia likes to challenge traditional ‘spreadsheet-thinking’ with her Excel power user training programs and specialized business consulting services.

System Requirements

• Windows, 7, 8 or 10
• 1 GHz or faster CPU
• 1 GB of available RAM (recommended 2 GB)
• 5 GB of free hard drive space
• Microsoft Excel 2013 or higher

What to Know Before Class

A basic understanding of working with Excel is helpful, but not necessary, for this course. The target audience is beginner Excel users.

Great class; learned a lot. Once I got used to the speaker presentation style, it was great - when something new is introduced it was explained and repeated with a walk through not just verbal instructions.


An excellent class, I wish I had taken this long ago!

- Sathish

This is a great course with great practical tips.


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