Building Microsoft Power Platform Solutions


  • How to develop Power Apps solutions
  • How to configure Power Automate solutions
  • How to design Power BI solutions
  • Other integration features
This course includes:

Course Description

Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate have made for an amazing trio of business ready applications. Citizen Developers are now able to use Power Apps to design line of business applications faster than ever with this “low code” tool. Then leveraging Power Automate, users can control business workflows and automate tasks. Then last but certainly not least, Power BI can be implemented for reporting and analytics. In this course you will get a taste of all of what the Power Platform has to offer.


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Module 00 | Class Introduction
10m 42s total


Module 00A | Class Introduction
10m 42s


Module 01 | Microsoft Power Platform Overview
12m 42s total


Module 01A | Microsoft Power Platform Overview
12m 42s


Module 02 | Introduction to Power Apps
35m 06s total


Module 02A | Introduction to Power Apps
35m 06s


Module 03 | Developing Power Apps Solutions
132m 21s total


Module 03A | Setting up the Data Source
14m 29s


Module 03B | Understanding Important Terms
16m 25s


Module 03C | Modifying the App
26m 05s


Module 03D | Basic Formulas
51m 27s


Module 03E | Leveraging Mobile Capabilities
23m 55s


Module 04 | Introduction to Power Automate
12m 20s total


Module 04A | Introduction to Power Automate
12m 20s


Module 05 | Configuring Power Automate Solutions
73m 30s total


Module 05A | Saving Images from Power Apps to OneDrive for Business
33m 26s


Module 05B | Creating an Approval Flow
40m 04s


Module 06 | Introduction to Power BI
40m 35s total


Module 06A | Introduction to Power BI
40m 35s


Module 07 | Designing Power BI Solutions
66m 41s total


Module 07A | Connecting to Data Sources
18m 12s


Module 07B | Building Reports
24m 33s


Module 07C | Publishing Power BI Solutions
23m 56s


Module 08 | Other Integration Features
45m 09s total


Module 08A | Using the Power Apps Custom Visual in Power BI
32m 24s


Module 08B | Embedding Power BI Visuals in Power Apps
12m 45s



Pragmatic Works Trainer

Daniel Straitiff is a Trainer, Consultant, and Training Content Manager for Pragmatic Works specializing in the Power Platform. An Air Force veteran with a background in technology and broadcast media, he has the skills to develop high quality training content and provide engaging learning experiences. With Microsoft Certifications in Power BI, Power Automate, and the Power Platform, Daniels efforts are currently focused on helping our customers learn and master the Power Platform.

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System Requirements

  • Access to Power Apps with the ability to create Canvas apps
  • Access to Power Automate with the ability to create Flows
  • Access to Power BI with the ability to deploy to the Power BI Service
  • Access to create and write to a SharePoint List
  • Access to write to a create a OneDrive for Business folder and upload files to location created

What to Know Before Class

This course assumes you have no prior knowledge of Power Platform.

"Overall good course beginners course on the Power Platform."


Pending reviews - check back later

Pending reviews - check back later

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