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Data Science with Azure ML


What Will You Learn?

  • How data science and machine learning assist organizations to increase profits, reduce costs and identify significant opportunities
  • How to gain firsthand exposure to the intricacies of the data science process and how to successfully harness machine learning to convert data into actionable business insight


Cash registers, websites, patients, employees, customers, students, machines, warehouses and nearly every other aspect of the modern business world generate enormous amounts of data. Hiding within these ever-increasing mountains of data are patterns that can optimize nearly every business decision. Knowing how to find and leverage these patterns is a skill set that is in high demand and will remain there indefinitely. Data science and machine learning are the core components used to understand, transform, model and execute on those data patterns.



Data Strategist
As a Training Content Manager with Pragmatic Works, Manuel uses his knowledge with the BI Stack (SSRS, SSIS, SSAS) to deliver exciting and engaging content. He also has experience with T-SQL, DAX and Power Pivot and is always looking to expand his knowledge. A native of Puerto Rico, Manuel graduated from the University of Central Florida and loves being involved in the world of Business Intelligence.


What to Know Before the Class

  • A familiarization with analyzing data
  • An understanding of how data can be used to solve problems
  • A basic understanding of SQL
  • A basic understanding of programming

Curriculum For This Course

System Requirements

  • PowerShell 4.0
  • Azure PowerShell cmdlets
  • Access to Microsoft Hyper-V (or other virtualization host) to create Virtual Machines. Hyper-V is available for free with Windows 8 and higher
  • Excel 2013 add-ins for Power Pivot and Power Query

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