Introduction to Azure SQL Database

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  • How to configure and manage databases in the Microsoft Cloud
  • Perform common task for implementing security and making the solution highly-available
This course includes:

Course Description

In the Azure SQL Database course you will learn the basics of configuring and managing a database in Microsoft’s cloud. This course will help you understand how to do common tasks like configuring database backups, implementing security and setting up highly available solutions.


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Module 00 | Course Introduction
05m 09s total


Module 00A | Course Introduction
05m 09s


Module 01 | Introduction to Azure SQL Database
37m 69s total


Module 01A | Overview
27m 33s


Module 01B | Navigating the Azure Portal
10m 36s


Module 02 | Getting Started with Azure SQL Server
23m 06s total


Module 02A | Creating an Azure SQL Server
16m 13s


Module 02B | Securing an Azure SQL Server
07m 47s


Module 03 | Getting Started with Azure SQL Database
38m 81s total


Module 03A | Overview
23m 22s


Module 03B | Creating an Azure SQL Database
08m 03s


Module 03C | Connecting to Azure SQL Database
07m 56s


Module 04 | Security
84m 16s total


Module 04A | Role Based Access Control
16m 40s


Module 04B | Server and Database Firewalls
31m 08s


Module 04C | Transparent Data Encryption
10m 28s


Module 04D | Database Permissions
26m 40s


Module 05 | Scaling Databases and Elastic Pools
53m 55s total


Module 05A | Scaling a Database in the Azure Portal
19m 37s


Module 05B | Elastic Pools
34m 18s


Module 06 | Backup and Restore
82m 51s total


Module 06A | Built-in Backups
21m 37s


Module 06B | Long Term Retention
15m 44s


Module 06C | Recovering a Deleted Database
10m 14s


Module 06D | Exporting and Importing a BACPAC
35m 56s


Module 07 | Database Migrations
36m 56s total


Module 07A | Database Migrations
36m 56s


Module 08 | High Availability and Disaster Recovery
41m 39s total


Module 08A | High Availability and Disaster Recovery
41m 39s


Module 09 | Monitoring a Database
36m 37s total


Module 09A | Database Alerts
16m 16s


Module 09B | Auditing
20m 21s


Module 10 | Limitations of Azure SQL Database
12m 50s total


Module 10A | Limitations of Azure SQL Database
12m 50s



Training Content Manager

Mitchell Pearson has been with Pragmatic Works for 8 years as a Data Platform Consultant and the Training Content manager. Mitchell has authored books on SQL Server, Power BI and the Power Platform. Data Platform experience includes designing and implementing enterprise level Business Intelligence solutions with the Microsoft SQL Server stack (T-SQL, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS), the Power Platform and Microsoft Azure.


System Requirements

  • Microsoft Azure Account (Paid or Trial)
  • SQL Server Management Studio 17.5+

What to Know Before Class

This course assumes you have no prior knowledge of Azure SQL Database.

The instructor for this course was so easy to follow and understand. I found the content to be well organized and well-focused on the point. It should be used as a model for other courses. I watched every minute of it, and I am a 20-year veteran of on-prem SQL.

Perry C.

Mitchell Pearson is very pleasant as a speaker.


Really enjoyed this course, very informative, lays down all the fundamental knowledge you need to get started.


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