Introduction to MDX

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  • How to write MDX queries to retrieve data from an Analysis Services cube
  • Common functions for creating sets and performing set-based operations
  • MDX and Cube security
  • Optimization techniques for queries
This course includes:
  • Course Description
  • Outline
  • Instructor
  • System Requirements
  • What to Know Before Class

Course Description

By taking this course, you’ll learn how to use MDX for use with SSAS in your enterprise. This class begins with explaining the basic concepts related to multidimensional expressions and how they are used to enhance cubes with calculations, as well as to query cubes to retrieve data for reports.


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Module 00 | Getting Started
07m 16s total


Module 00A | Getting Started
07m 16s


Module 01 | Getting Started with MDX
21m 54s total


Module 01A | Getting Started with MDX
21m 54s


Module 02 | Building MDX Queries
40m 79s total


Module 02A | MDX Query Editor
22m 52s


Module 02B | Basic Queries and Syntax
18m 27


Module 03 | Defining Sets
84m 92s total


Module 03A | Basics
31m 35s


Module 03B | Manipulating Sets
32m 34s


Module 03C | Working with Hierarchies
21m 23s


Module 04 | Adding Calculations to a Query
64m 18s total


Module 04A | Basics
33m 10s


Module 04B | Time Intelligence
31m 08s


Module 05 | Creating Calculations in a Cube
71m 18s total


Module 05A | Calculated Measures and Custom Members
39m 50s


Module 05B | Creating Sets
11m 37s


Module 05C | Creating KPIs
20m 31s


Module 06 | MDX Scripting
76m 90s total


Module 06A | Basics
45m 52s


Module 06B | Allocations
31m 38s


Module 07 | Optimizing MDX Queries
30m 58s total


Module 07A | Optimizing MDX Queries
30m 58s



Training Content Manager

Mitchell Pearson has been with Pragmatic Works for 8 years as a Data Platform Consultant and the Training Content manager. Mitchell has authored books on SQL Server, Power BI and the Power Platform. Data Platform experience includes designing and implementing enterprise level Business Intelligence solutions with the Microsoft SQL Server stack (T-SQL, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS), the Power Platform and Microsoft Azure.


System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • 1 GHz or faster CPU
  • 1 GB of available RAM (recommended 2 GB)
  • 20 GB of free hard drive space
  • SQL Server Developer, Standard or Enterprise Edition 2008/ 2008R2/ 2012/ 2014
    • SQL Server Database Engine
    • SQL Server Analysis Services Multidimensional
    • SQL Server Data Tools (SQL 2012/2014) or Business Intelligence Development Studio (SQL 2008/2008R2)
    • SQL Server Management Studio
    • Follow this installation guide ( to ensure all items are installed correctly
    •  AdventureWorksDW2008R2 or AdventureWorksDW2012 databases installed on the instance
    • AdventureWorks Cube installed on the Analysis Services instance

What to Know Before Class

Some experience with Analysis Services.


Thank you. Keep up the great work.

Rene N.

Overall good lectures.


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