Learn with the Nerds – Excel to Power BI (Recorded Live Event)

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  • The most advanced capabilities available in Excel (Power Query & Power Pivot)
  • Understand how to migrate your existing Excel work into Power BI
  • Learn the best opportunities to use Excel & Power BI together
  • How to transform existing manual reporting into actionable insights
This course includes:

Course Description

For decades, Excel has been the primary reporting tool of choice for businesses to develop data analytics solutions. While those skills are still important, learning Power BI opens you up to a more interactive and visually appealing experience by offering more powerful analytics and reporting features.

In this session, Jonathon Silva will teach you about some of the most advanced capabilities available in Excel, and how to bridge those skills into a new world within Microsoft Power BI where manual, complex, and arduous reports are a thing of the past. You’ll also learn how Excel and Power BI best work together and understand the migration path to take your existing Excel work into Power BI.



Module 01 | Intro


Module 02 | Power Query Explanation and Import Files from a Folder


Module 03 | PowerPivot and the Data Model in Excel


Module 04 | Power Query: Using Unpivot


Module 05 | Power Query: Splitting Column by Delimiter and Fill Down


Module 06 | Full Report Demo


Module 06A | Part 1: Data Cleansing in Power Query)


Module 06B | Part 2: Data Modeling


Module 06C | Migrating from Excel to Power BI


Module 06D | Part 3: Data Visualizations


Module 06E | Part 4: Publishing a Power BI Report


Module 07 | Using Analyze in Excel


Module 08 | Adding Excel charts to a Power BI Dashboard and App



Training Content Manager
Jonathon Silva has his master’s degree in Education from James Madison University. He has 9 years of teaching experience in high school economics and history, where he was consistently recognized as a top educator in the field of history and a leader in curriculum development. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer that specializes in the Power Platform and Excel, Jonathon focuses on providing a welcoming learning environment to ensure that all participants are capturing the necessary skills for their continued development.

System Requirements

What to Know Before Class

  • No experience require needed.

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