Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in a Day

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  • Take advantage of form processing models developed in AI Builder
  • Use Power Automate capabilities such as Desktop flows and connectors to automate a business process
  • Make Desktop Flows dynamic with parameters
  • Trigger Desktop Flows from the cloud
This course includes:

Course Description

RPA in a Day is a beginner-level training is designed for everyone to learn automation. No matter if you are a business expert or IT developer, you will learn to develop RPA-based automation in a single day using Desktop flows. RPA in a Day consists of lab exercises that guide you through building a modern end to end business RPA scenario to process incoming invoices. To learn how you can successfully build automation for your business processes using Power Automate for your business’s automation needs.



Module 00 | Environment and Lab Setup
29m 10s total


Module 00A | Environment and Lab Setup (Lab 1.1 – How to Setup a Tenant and Create an Environment) (Overview)
10m 04s


Module 00B | Environment and Lab Setup (Lab 1.2 – Create a Browser Profile)
3m 44s


Module 00C | Environment and Lab Setup (Lab 1.3 – Install Required Software)
15m 22s


Module 01 | Introduction
47m 06s total


Module 01A | Introduction (Class Introduction)
34m 56s


Module 01B | Introduction (Power Automate Technical Architecture)
12m 50s


Module 02 | Process Advisor and Desktop Flows Basics
92m 20s total


Module 02A | Process Advisor and Desktop Flows Basics (Identify Automation Opportunities and Process Bottlenecks using Process Advisor)
34m 10s


Module 02B | Process Advisor and Desktop Flow Basics (Create your First Power Automate Desktop Flow)
17m 48s


Module 02C | Process Advisor and Desktop Flow Basics (Use Input and Output Parameters)
19m 14s


Module 02D | Process Advisor and Desktop Flow Basics (Use Desktop Flow in Power Automate through Gateway and Connection)
21m 48s


Module 03 | Hyper Automation Integration
82m 15s total


Module 03A | Hyper Automation Integration (Connect to Outlook)
14m 17s


Module 03B | Hyper Automation Integration (Integrate with AI Builder)
29m 49s


Module 03C | Hyper Automation Integration (Integrate with Microsoft Teams)
38m 19s


Module 04 | Add Power Automate Desktop Web and Excel
32m 00s total


Module 04A | Add Power Automate Desktop Web and Excel
32m 00s


Module 05 | Unattended Desktop Flows
12m 00s total


Module 05A | Unattended Desktop Flows
12m 00s


Module 06 | Closing
06m 09s


Module 06A | Closing
06m 09s



Devin Knight is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Microsoft Certified Trainer, and President of Pragmatic Works Training. He focuses on driving adoption of technology through learning. He is an author of nine Power Platform, Business Intelligence, and SQL Server books. He has been selected as a speaker for conferences like Power Platform Summit, PASS Summit, SQLSaturdays, and Code Camps for many years. Making his home in Jacksonville, Florida Devin is a contributing member to several local user groups.


System Requirements

  • Power Automate Desktop and required extensions
  • On-premises data gateway
  • Contoso Invoice App

What to Know Before Class

  • No previous knowledge is required
"I really enjoyed, I feel that I'm ready to go by my own to keep practicing."

- Robotic Process Automation in a Day Student

"It was a very good session and learned a lot of cool things that I wasn't aware of."

- Varsha S.

"Excellent presentation. "

- Robotic Process Automation in a Day Student

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